Business Wisdom
Introductory Workshop



As an experienced entrepreneur and business owner, it’s likely you’ve already used the services of various business experts, from coaching gurus to business consultants.

Unfortunately, their ‘templated’ solutions were worthless and an inconvenience on your time and investment.

Now is the time to ensure you have all your ‘ducks in a row’, by utilising John’s practical business skills and experience. Unlike the standard template business coach, John will educate you on fundamental business advice including how to clearly separate your home life and your business life.

When you don’t know where to head next in your business growth plan, John will help you with business growth advice. Unlike advice from bank managers and accountants, John’s advice is relevant as he understands the pressures of growing your business. The time, effort and sweat equity you have poured into your business.

Depending on the life cycle of your business, John will help you create a succession plan or advise on specific growth strategies such as marketing and cash flow planning.

Service Process

John will help you organize and establish the following:
  • • Separate business and personal financial positions
  • • Spreadsheet analysis
  • • Marketing
  • • Operations
  • • Vision
  • • Management

The service is flexible as to fit your needs, however mandatory review and updates are required as part of the service to ensure you are implementing the fundamental strategy and processes needed for business growth.

Who needs this service?

Entrepreneurial Business Owners

If you’ve already accumulated assets and investments, but are unsure whether you have accumulated enough for your retirement income, then this comprehensive service is for you.

You will receive and be advised on the following:

  • • Personal Financial Position
  • • On-going reviews
  • • Implementation Plan
  • • Succession Planning
  • • Risk Management
  • • Investment advice
Why Choose John Killick to Grow Your Business’s Value?

John has successfully built his own financial services business and comes from a background of business owners - both his parents operated their own businesses while John was growing up. This hands on experience allows John to advise his clients in a practical and strategic manner.

His approach is direct, clear and procedural. Clear expectations and monitoring processes will be in place as John knows you need a clear vision to follow.