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New Life Seekers Prepare for Your New Life

The second phase of life brought upon through a sudden or significant change in your life, can be isolating, scary and highly stressful.

Whether you need advice concerning:

  • • Cash Management
  • • Financing or Refinancing
  • • Property Purchasing (Home or Investment)
  • • Succession and Estate Planning

John will help you navigate through the new challenges with practical and calming advice. Initially you will focus on your most pressing matters by establishing your current financial position.

Who needs this service?

New Life Seekers

If you’re starting out again with a new family or different circumstances after a long period of stability, then this service is for you. You will be advised upon the following:

Your Personal Financial Statement

  • • On-going reviews
  • • Implementation Plan
  • • Succession Planning
  • • Risk Management
  • • Investment advice
Why Choose John Killick to help Prepare for Your New Life?

John’s history and experience in financial and investment planning is a given, however it’s his empathic nature and personal family experiences that will benefit you during your ‘Second Wind’ life stage. Together with raising his children, John was also responsible for his grandmother in her later years. He understands first hand the difficulties facing people who have had unexpected events affect their lives and the need for them to act quickly and methodically.

His advice is always impartial, and even though you may need to drastically alter your cash management behaviour, John will provide you with strategies to help you through the transition.