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Professional & Skilled Investors Maintaining Your Assets' Value

As an experienced and successful investor or business owner there unfortunately comes a time when you need to move quickly to increase and maintain your returns.

It’s easy to fall into the trap that one product or ‘silver bullet’ strategy will be sufficient to achieve your goals, however for any effective wealth maintenance strategy to be put in place, we must take a holistic view of your financial position.

For this reason the Maintaining Your Assets' Value service is an all encompassing service.

John will sit with you to assess your financial position and ascertain your priorities and objectives.

As John understands your entrepreneurial nature (having built his own successful business himself) he will actively seek the solutions that suit your high pressure situation and goals.

Running your own business and property investments is usually fraught with family and professional relationships intertwining, especially if your current wealth building strategy has been to ‘put all your eggs in one basket’.

Any unexpected economic down turn or shift can easily spell financial and relationship disasters. John will walk through the mine field with you and show you a selection of strategies. As an impartial adviser with your interests his priority, John is more than happy for you to seek a second opinion or offer a second opinion.

Who needs this service?

Mature Skilled Investors

If you’ve already accumulated assets and investments, but are unsure whether you have accumulated enough for your retirement income, then this comprehensive service is for you.

You will receive and be advised on the following:

  • • Personal Financial Position
  • • On-going reviews
  • • Implementation Plan
  • • Succession Planning
  • • Risk Management
  • • Investment advice
Why Choose John Killick to Maintain Your Assets' Value?

John’s 40 years of experience in the financial sectors gives him the unique advantage of living through various financial and economic trends. It allows him to give you realistic advice based on proven historical market data and trends for the different asset classes.

He is also able to academically highlight the different dangers of the different markets trends and their volatility. Giving you impartial advice based purely on facts.

Also, as a life time member of the Million Dollar Round Table, John has access to information and data not readily available to the average Financial planner, which again gives you more accurate information to determine your asset maintenance strategies.