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Pre-retirement Co-ordinate Your Assets

As you come to the end of your working career and begin to look forward to a change in lifestyle, the question that will be constantly at the forefront of your mind is - have you done enough?

With the ‘Co-ordinate Your Assets’ service, John will personally sit with you and collate all your information to fully assess your future financial situation, and create a plan to achieve your retirement lifestyle. When assessing your financial position for your retirement goals, John’s experience will prove to be invaluable.

He will be able to show you how to protect and grow your current investments, and also ensure you have adequate risk management strategies in place.

Co-Ordinating Your Assets Is a Four Part Service:

Financial Position

Firstly, your financial statement will be prepared. All of your assets and liabilities will be collated and assessed. You will see precisely where your wealth is growing and what liabilities or investments need to be addressed. All your financial processes will be assessed including your banking habits, mortgage and personal loan structures. To plan for tomorrow, we must know what you have today.


Next, John will discuss the specific goals and objectives you wish achieve. He will advise you on the appropriate strategies that you will need to put in place to achieve your retirement income or goals. This may include new cash management strategies to quickly eliminate any unnecessary liabilities and new investment strategies to maximise your returns. The success of John’s advice will be determined by your own commitment to the advice he provides.

Risk Management

Any risk to your health and earning power needs to be sufficiently protected to shield you from being forced into early retirement. Your insurance policies will be reassessed for their coverage and expected or likely issues that may arise in the future.  John will always act in your best interests to source products from a larger pool of insurance providers.

Future Plan

The ongoing strategies will be laid out with forecasts of what is possible for you to achieve with your current portfolio. This will include the succession plan for your business or assets to your children or beneficiaries and the level of financial support you intend to provide them. You will also have ongoing consultations with John to assess the plan is working.

Who needs this service?

High End Executives reaching Retirement

If you’ve already accumulated assets and investments, and are looking for specific recommendations to grow and protect your portfolio, then this service is for you.

You will receive and be advised on the following:

  • • Your Personal Financial Statement
  • • On-going reviews
  • • Implementation Plan
  • • Succession Planning
  • • Risk Management
  • • Investment advice
Why Choose John Killick to Co-Ordinate Your Assets for Retirement?

John has the experience and intellectual capacity to advise you without any bias. He has worked with many people in the same position as you. He knows the importance of ensuring you and your partner are clear and united in your retirement goals.

As an expert communicator John is able to facilitate between you and your partner, should you unexpectedly find that your retirement goals may indeed differ. You might be ready to put your feet up and enjoy the garden, however your partner maybe ready to launch into a new business venture. John will be able to guide you both through the future planning stage to achieve your combined and individual goals.

John will discuss uncomfortable issues with you both, such as possible health issues or cash mis-management, however rest assured these are important risks that need to be managed and minimised, at the same time as building your wealth.