Financial Wisdom
Introductory Workshop


The Wealth Clock

To fully appreciate John Killick’s ability to expertly advise people from all walks of life and financial background, is to understand John’s Wealth Clock.

The Wealth Clock is the summation of John’s first hand experience of advising clients and living through the effects of different economic climates.

This is what makes John’s expertise unique.

He, himself has lived through many of the same experiences as his clients. He knows what his clients are likely to experience in their different financial life stages.

He recognises that your financial decisions depend on what stage of life you are at. The financial decisions you make in your early 30s will be different from those you make in your late 50s, simply because you have different resources, life skills and obligations. For this reason John Killick has created the Wealth Clock, as a simple representation of the needs of different people.

As you progress through life, your financial priorities will change to match your lifestyle. You will progress through the different points of the Wealth Clock, and which ever position you are in the Wealth Clock, John is the guiding compass/spring piece in the middle. His expertise and advice will guide you to your goal.

Young Professional - Builder
At this life stage you’re building your career and assets. John’s expertise and knowledge will enable you to purchase your first home correctly and help you set achievable financial goals. You'll also set in place the financial disciplines to achieve improved daily decisions.

Entrepreneurial Business Owner - Master
As you seek to grow your business John’s own hands on experience in business building will be crucial in helping you drive your cash reserves into other streams of income, or grow your business profit year on year.

Mature Skilled Investors - Capitalist
Once you have built a portfolio, John will help you maintain and increase your assets’ values, or keep you on track as market volatility tests your patience and discipline.

High End Executives - Giver
Now that you’re moving into retirement, John will help you organise and allocate your assets to achieve your goals. This includes multi-generational wealth, philanthropy or a simple focus to a 30 year lifestyle sustainable income.

New Life Seekers - Explorer
When you experience a significant change in your lifestyle, be it a new marriage or business purchase, John will help you quickly re-organise your financial affairs so you have a firm plan in place.

John acts as the time keeper, in the middle of the Wealth Clock. You can trust his advice because he draws from multiple areas of advice and knowledge. John also has the resources and infrastructure to support his advice. So, you can be assured that where ever you are in the wealth clock, John’s expertise and knowledge will help you reach your goals.